Virtual World Platform Built for a Training Institution

The Story

Our Client is a non-profit organization with a 50-year legacy to expand the accessibility and effectiveness of skills training. Thy are focused on offering a unique experience for participants to learn from certified instructors. They were looking for an innovative approach in a virtual environment to help student develop the skills of understanding healthy relationships.


A rapidly aging population need timely support for increased mental and behavioral health needs. Unfortunately, nursing staff lacked the skills to work effectively within this changing demographic, and resulting in reduced job satisfaction. They need a virtual training options to expand their reach to address training needs and challenges. They overcame their initial concerns but later failed and need a technology partner to integrate virtual training setup.


We built a Metaverse platform integrated with 3D immersive technology that can be accessed via a web browser. It doesn’t need any specialized equipment to deliver the desired learning experience. The whole objective was to retain the core principles of in-person training, comprise of live, instructor-led delivery. We ensured proper testing to meet a positive user experience.


Created a customized virtual long-term care facility for training purposes. Converted the lengthy core skills in-person training into a virtual training session. Client successfully engaged with local and national partners to bring the training to their facilities.